AI Content Declaration v1.0.0

Assessing the Level

Since the goal of AI Content Declaration is to broadly categorize the creative contribution of a Generative AI, you can put your work into one of four levels that representing an increasing amount of assistance:

  1. No involement

  2. Non-creative assistance

  3. Creative assistance

  4. Completely produced by an AI

Where your work appears on this continuum is up to you. Below are two decision aides that may help.

  1. Was Generative AI used in any way?
    • If yes, proceed to the next question

    • If no, your assessment assessment None, skip to Step 4.

  2. Did Generative AI produce the entire work?
    • If yes, your assessment is Total, skip to Step 4.

    • If no, proceed to the next question

  3. Did Generative AI contribute creatively?
  4. Make Your Declaration.

What Constitutes a “creative contribution” by a Generative AI?

Since you are the ultimate creator of the work, it's your judgement about what is a “creative” contribution from a Generative AI. A good rule of thumb is: If the Generative AI automated something mechanical and repetitive, such as checking for typos, that is not a creative contribution. Otherwise, it may be.

Examples of non-creative contributions:

Examples of creative contributions:

Note that non-creative contributions by a non-AI system don't need to be declared. For example, when sequencing music, many sequencers will randomize certain notes to provide variety. This is not a Generative AI, so does not constitute a non-creative contribution.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You know best how the work was created, and what role the Generative AI played specifically.

What About The Tools Used To Create the Work?

Most creative endeavors rely on tools to help create the work. Generative AI is such a tool, but there are myriad others, and these tools may make their own declarations—or not. Your declaration need not account for the tools that you used. For example, if Generative AI was used to create a CSS library you are using to style your website, that does not constitute a Generative AI contribution to your website.

Transitive dependencies need not be declared.