AI Content Declaration v1.0.0

Let Everyone Know How AI Helped You…Or Didn't

Sometimes a Generative AI did all the work. Sometimes you did. Sometimes it's a bit in-between. This site gives you basic tools to communicate it.

Knowing the context and work that went into something you made can often help others properly understand it. Are you proud of something you drew by yourself? Perhaps you're excited to share something you had translated into another language? Want to share something cool you created with DALL-E? Give that context by declaring how AI helped—or didn't.

What is “Generative AI”?

Generative AI refers to the current range of artificial intelligence systems, often referred to as “Large Language Models (LLMs)”, “AI Chatbots”, “Co-Pilot”, or “Chat GPT”. In particular, Generative AI here refers to the use of these systems for generating content.

Generative AI is not any type of computer-based assistance. Spell-checking, grammar checking, color-matching, autocorrect, Google search, and basic code completion are not Generative AI. Generative AI instead refers to the latest wave of programs that provide human-like conversations, knowledge-based Q&A, image generation, music generation, and more.

When you declare how AI assisted you, it's up to you to decide if the computer programs that helped you constitute Generative AI, but a good rule of thumb is that if the system is incapable of any seemingly creative output, it is not Generative AI.

Why Declare AI Assistance?

Unlike spell check, color matching, or search engines, Generative AI appears to be more creative and can feel very human in its output. Regardless of how you view this—amazing or terrifying—Generative AI will only become more and more realistic. It will be capable of more and more creative output that appears like a person produced it.

People may want to know just how much it was involved in a work. And you may wish to let them know.

By declaring how much a Generative AI helped in the creation of a work, you can provide value both to proponents of AI as well as those would would caution its use. Proponents get examples of real world applications of Generative AI beyond flashy demos. Those would warn us about the dangers can point to the proliferation of the technology. Real examples matter.

You get value too. If you are excited about Generative AI, you can show off how you've used it, and the benefits it brings. If you are cautious, you can clearly outline where you used it and why.

How to Declare AI Assistance

  1. 1

    Assess How Much Assistance You Had. Did you write the entire blog post yourself? Did the AI generate that image on your site? Did an AI only help, but only with typos or repetitive tasks? Or did the AI contribute more creatively?

  2. 2

    Make Your Declarations. Embed your declaration into your content, put metadata on a web page, or add special tags in an MP3. Let others know how much help you had with Generative AI.